Dr. Amine Kaddour


Dr. Amine Kaddour

👋🏻  Meet Dr. Amine Kaddour, doctor of dental surgery and owner of Riverstone Dental

Dr. Kaddour is a true Texan at heart! He grew up right here in Houston, received his bachelors in neurobiology from the University of Texas in Austin. After using his extensive research experience in helping cancer patients at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dr. Kaddour attended dental school. He received his doctoral degree in dental surgery from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.

At the start of his dental career, Dr. Kaddour gave back to his community by spending years treating lower income families throughout San Antonio, Laredo, and the Greater Houston area. He continues to care for the health of families throughout Texas.His passion is not only building beautiful smiles, but restoring the health of the communities he serves.

💙  Family means the world to Dr. Kaddour, and he enjoys spending the majority of his leisure time in their company. Dr. Kaddour enjoys traveling all around the United States, reading, and learning new skills.