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Missouri City, TX 77459
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many dentists does your clinic have?

We believe dentistry should be a continuum of care by a solo provider. At you appointment, you will be treated by our owner, Dr. Kaddour.

What is the cost for an appointment?

Please call us at (281) 261-8258 and we can give you a price estimate for your first visit and treatment options. We accept most major insurance providers, and offer self-pay patients options for affordable dental care.

Do you offer appointments on weekends?

We do not offer appointments on weekends. Please call us at (281) 261-8258  if it is a dental emergency and we will accommodate to see you as soon as possible. If it is a non-dental emergency, please visit your nearest emergency room.

Will my visit be painful?

No! Dr. Kaddour ensures all patients receive a comfortable experience and can feel at ease to ask any questions in regards to their visit. Dr. Kaddour has experience with working with patients of all ages, including pediatrics, and due to his training in sedation anesthesia, he can provide a painless dental visit.